Core Values


  • The College commits to what we say we will do, and maintains transparency in all our communications and actions.
  • Portage College subscribes to ethical behaviour and supports an environment that demonstrates respect, trust and confidence.
  • Portage College uses resources efficiently and effectively.


  • Portage College responds to the needs of people from varying and diverse backgrounds.
  • Portage College raises awareness of the value of diversity. Portage College openly communicates with College constituents and actively promotes employee involvement.
  • Portage College seeks to draw on the experiences of all its employees to create a learning environment.

Human Development

  • Portage College commits to providing holistic learning to help learners develop as successful citizens.
  • Portage College teaches self-advocacy and honours cultural diversity.
  • Portage College develops self-confidence and in doing so, empowers its learners to gain independence.


  • Portage College provides learners with opportunities to develop their potentials.
  • Portage College brings opportunities to the learner, using technology and individualized learning plans.
  • Portage College provides affordable learning opportunities.
  • Portage College welcomes inclusion of communities and other stakeholders through collaboration and partnership.


  • Portage College provides excellence in the learning environment.
  • Portage College meets or exceeds recognized standard

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