Dual Credit

Dual credit can help students to:

  • start on their post-secondary education while still in high school
  • transition smoothly into post-secondary studies or start employment
  • may complete post-secondary with less financial debt

Portage College offers these free university courses to high school students:

SOCI 101 - Introduction to Sociology: The course provides an introductory overview of sociological concepts, perspectives, processes and institutions in a Canadian context.

PSYC 104 -Introductory Psychology: Topics covered include the history of psychological science, psychological research methods, the brain and nervous system, learning, sensation, perception, memory, consciousness, thought and language.

HEED 105 -Personal Health and Wellness: This course will introduce you to the physical, social, mental, occupational, emotional, environmental and spiritual dimensions of personal health and wellness.

ORGB 193 - Organizational Behavior: This course builds student knowledge starting at an individual level, moving on to a team level, and finally finishing at the organizational level.

MARK 166 - Marketing: This course provides the fundamental principles and concepts of marketing. 

Student are responsible to purchase the necessary course text materials. To be eligible for enrollment, students must either have completed English 30 with a minimum of 60% or be currently enrolled in English 30 with a minimum 70% in English 20.  Interested students should speak to their career counsellor or speak to a Portage Student Advisor by emailing student.advisor@portagecollege.ca.

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