Thursday, May 09, 2019

PLE - Settler Colonialism & Indigenous Resistance - St. Paul

Location St. Paul Campus
Time 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Understanding our history of colonialism is essential to exploring the myriad of current issues in this country. The history and structures of settler colonialism are largely unknown to most Canadians. At its core, the logic of the settler colonialist state is the dispossession and erasure of Indigenous Peoples. 

This workshop will examine the legal history of Canada and its relations with Indigenous peoples. Participants will gain understanding of Indigenous Peoples' agency, resistance, and activism in resisting settler state agendas and laws that were aimed at dispossession of lands, resources and loss of languages and cultures (through assimilation policies). We will also discuss how Indigenous Peoples continue to protect their inherent rights as Peoples, while revitalizing their ties to land, culture and languages. Workshop Length: 3 hours.
*** Please note this is a prerequisite workshop and participants are encouraged to attend this workshop before registering for the other workshops offered in the Circles of Learning series.

Portage College, Lac La Biche Campus (2 dates to choose from)

April 15  (9am to noon)    - Room TBA
April 16  (1 to 4 pm)   - Room TBA

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Portage College, Cold Lake Campus (2 dates to choose from)
April 25  (9am to noon))    - Room TBA
May 10  (1 to 4 pm)   - Room TBA

For Cold Lake workshops register here:

Portage College, St.Paul  Campus (2 dates to choose from)
April 26  (1 to 4 pm)    - Room TBA
May 9  (1 to 4 pm)   - Room TBA

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