Community Social Work

Community Social Work

Sociology in action : a Canadian perspective  301.0971 SYM 2016 (Lac La Biche Campus)
The History of Sociology (eVideo)  

Canadian encyclopedia of social work (eBook)

Canadian Income Security and Social Welfare:
Encyclopedia of social welfare history in North America (eBook)

Theories applied in social work practice:
Theories in social work practice (eVideo)
An introduction to applying social work theories and methods (eBook)

Development of the profession, ethics, roles:
Mastering social work values and ethics (eBook)
Ethics in social work : a context of caring (eBook)
Subtle boundary dilemmas: ethical decision making for helping professionals (eVideo)
The A-to-Z self-care handbook for social workers and other helping professionals  613.02 ATO 2016 (Lac La Biche Campus)

Working with families : a guide for health and human services professionals  306.85 SPI 2015 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Genograms : assessment and intervention  616.89156 MCG 2008
Canada's changing families : implications for individuals and society (eBook) 
Notions of family : intersectional perspectives (eBook)
Visions of the 21st century family : transforming structures and identities (eBook) 
Creating positive systems of child and family welfare : congruence with the everyday lives of children and parents (eBook)
Economic stress and the family (eBook) 
Deadbeat dads : subjectivity and social construction (eBook) 
Coping with stress: supporting the needs of military families and their children (eArticle) 
Multicultural perspectives in social work practice with families (eBook)

Family Violence :
Family violence prevention & health practice (eJournal)
Social work and family violence : theories, assessment, and intervention (eBook)
The social dynamics of family violence  362.8292 HAT 2012
Trauma-informed social work practice: practice considerations and challenges (eArticle)
Cruel but not unusual : violence in Canadian families (eBook)
Supporting women after domestic violence : loss, trauma and recovery (eBook)
Family violence : a Canadian introduction  362.82920971 MOM 2011 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Out of the shadows : woman abuse in ethnic, immigrant, and Aboriginal communities  362.82920971 OUT 2010 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Aboriginal domestic violence in Canada  362.8292 LAN 2003 (Lac La Biche Campus)         

Gerontological practice for the twenty-first century : a social work perspective (eBook)
Gerontological social work practice : issues, challenges, and potential (eBook)  
Social work with older people : approaches to person-centred practice (eBook)
Critical issues in social work with older people  362.6 RAY 2009 (Lac La Biche Campus)  
Social work practice with the elderly  362.6 SOC 2004 (Lac La Biche Campus)  
Experiencing aging (eVideo)  
Depression : not a normal part of aging (eVideo)         

Elder Abuse:
Elder abuse and neglect : causes, diagnosis, and intervention strategies (eBook)  
Aboriginal elder abuse in Canada  362.608997 DUM 2002 (Lac La Biche Campus)  
Hidden : elder abuse in aboriginal communities (DVD)  362.608997071 HID 2011 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Elder abuse and neglect in Canada: the glass is still half full (eArticle)  
Elder abuse work : best practice in Britain and Canada (eBook)

Indigenous Awareness:
First peoples child & family review (eJournal) 
Indigenous peoples of North America (Database)
Applied anthropology in Canada : understanding Aboriginal issues (eBook)
Indigenous writes : a guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit issues in Canada  970.41 VOW 2016 (Lac La Biche Campus)

Social Work:
Reclaiming our children (DVD)  362.733 REC 2004 (Lac La Biche Campus) 
Violence against Indigenous women : literature, activism, resistance  897.009 HAR 2017 
Seeking mino-pimatisiwin : an aboriginal approach to helping  362.204256 HAR 2002 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Wícihitowin : Aboriginal social work in Canada  362.8497071 WIC 2009 (Lac La Biche Campus)

Impact of Colonialism:
Decolonizing trauma work : indigenous stories and strategies  362.20971 LIN 2014  (Lac La Biche Campus)
The colonial problem : an indigenous perspective on crime and injustice in Canada  305.897071 MON 2016 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Case critical : social services & social justice in Canada  361.30971 CAS 2017  (Lac La Biche Campus)
On being here to stay : treaties and Aboriginal rights in Canada (eBook)
Disrobing the aboriginal industry : the deception behind indigenous cultural preservation (eBook)
The medicine of peace : Indigenous youth decolonizing healing and resisting violence 305.235089 ANS 2017 (Lac La Biche Campus)
The secret path: freedom to speak (eVideo)

Residential Schools:
Indigenous healing : exploring traditional paths  303.37208997 ROS 2014 (Lac La Biche Campus) 
Truth and indignation : Canada's truth and reconciliation commission on Indian residential schools (eBook)
In this together : fifteen stories of truth & reconciliation (eBook)
A knock on the door : the essential history of residential schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (eBook) and print:  371.82997 TRU 2016
Final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Volume one, summary : honouring the truth, reconciling for the future  371.82997071 TRU 2015 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Canada's residential schools : the Métis experience : the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, volume 3 (eBook)
Canada's residential schools : missing children and unmarked burials  : the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, volume 4 (eBook)
Canada's residential schools : the legacy : the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, volume 5 (eBook) 
Canada's residential schools : reconciliation : the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, volume 6 (eBook)

Sixties Scoop:
Native children and the child welfare system (author founded the term "Sixties Scoop")  362.79797 JOH (Lac La Biche Campus)
Birth of a family (eVideo)
Our son, a stranger : adoption breakdown and its effects on parents (eBook)
Disrupting the Continuities among residential schools, the Sixties Scoop, and child welfare: an analysis of colonial and neocolonial discourses (eArticle) 

Indian Hospitals:
Healing histories : stories from Canada's Indian hospitals (eBook)
Separate beds : a history of Indian hospitals in Canada, 1920s-1980s (eBook)

Transgender and gender identity (eVideo)
Bending gender, ending gender: theoretical foundations for social work practice with the transgender community (eArticle)
Growing into resilience : sexual and gender minority youth in Canada (eBook)
Sexual orientation and gender expression in social work practice : working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people (eBook)
LGBTQ people and social work : intersectional perspectives  362.896 LGB 2015 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Social work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people : making a difference  362.8964 FIS 2012 (Lac La Biche Campus)

Canadian social work review (eJournal)
Canadian social work (eJournal)
Introduction to social work practice : a practical workbook (eBook)
Walking this path together : anti-racist and anti-oppressive child welfare practice  362.708997071 WAL 2009 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Social work practice with individuals and families : evidence-informed assessments and interventions (eBook)
Evidence-based practice with women : toward effective social work practice with low-income women (eBook)

Social work practice : concepts, processes, and interviewing (eBook)
Professional writing for social work practice (eBook)
Effective helping : interviewing and counseling techniques  158.3 OKU 2015 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Genograms : assessment and intervention 616.89156 MCG 2008
Communication and interpersonal skills (eBook)
Communicating with children and young people : making a difference  361.32 LEF 2010 (Lac La Biche Campus)

When doing subject searches in the WorldCat Discover Service, use the Subject Heading: Canada Social policy; Public welfare Canada; Income Canada

Canadian review of social policy : journal of the Social Policy and Administration Network (eJournal)
Social policy and practice in Canada : a history (eBook)
Changing politics of Canadian social policy (eBook)
Caring for children : social movements and public policy in Canada  362.70971 CAR 2017 (Lac La Biche Campus)

When doing subject searches in the WorldCat Discover Service, use the Subject Heading: Social service Canada, Northern

Child welfare in rural and remote areas with Canada's First-Nations Peoples : selected readings  362.708997 CHI 2015
Social work and Aboriginal peoples : perspectives from Canada's rural and provincial north  362.8497071 SOC 2010 (Lac La Biche campus)
Northern & rural social work practice : a Canadian perspective  361.32 NOR 2009 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Social work with rural peoples  361.32 COL 2006 (Lac La Biche Campus)
The tales that bind : a narrative model for living and helping in rural communities (eBook)
Violence in the family : social work readings and research from northern and rural Canada  362.8292 VIO 2005 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Social work with rural & northern organizations  361.32 SOC 2002 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Issues in Northern social work practice  361.32 ISS 1997 (Lac La Biche Campus)

Mental Health:
Mental health social work practice in Canada  362.204250971 REG 2014 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Clinical assessment and diagnosis in social work practice  616.89075 COR 2010 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Mental health: the individual and society (eVideo)
Parent-adolescent relationships in military families affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (eArticle) 
Community mental health in Canada : theory, policy, and practice  362.20971 DAV 2013 (Lac La Biche Campus)
RxTx (Database) Select Conditions --> Therapeutic Choices 

Social work practice in the addictions (eBook)
Drugs, behaviour, and society  362.29 DRU 2016 (Lac La Biche campus)
Encyclopedia of substance abuse prevention, treatment, & recovery (eBook)
Responding to the oppression of addiction : Canadian social work perspectives (eBook)
Social work in mental health and substance abuse  362.20425 SOC 2011 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Substance abuse and the family  362.29 REI 2015 (Lac La Biche campus)
Youth and substance use : prevention, intervention, and recovery  362.290835 STE 2016 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Journey to healing : Aboriginal people with addiction and mental health issues : what health, social service and justice workers need to know (eBook)
Substance abuse intervention, prevention, rehabilitation, and systems change strategies : helping individuals, families, and groups to empower themselves (eBook)
Fighting firewater fictions : moving beyond the disease model of alcoholism in First Nations (eBook)
A wave of compassion : spirituality and the recovering addict (eVideo)
Walking through the fear : women and substance abuse (eVideo)
RxTx (Database) Select Conditions --> Therapeutic Choices 

Alberta Health Services - opioid information (website)
Carfentanil's deadly impact (eVideo)

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder:    
When doing subject searches in the WorldCat Discover Service, use the Subject Heading: Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders   
Understanding fetal alcohol spectrum disorder : a guide to FASD for parents, carers and professionals (eBook)  
Reinvesting in families : strengthening child welfare practice for a brighter future : voices from the prairies (FASD-specific chapters; eBook)     
Parenting with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (eArticle)  
Fetal alcohol exposure : changing the future (eVideo)  
Invisible : fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and the justice system (DVD)  364.38 INV 2010 (Lac La Biche Campus)

Essential law for social work practice in Canada  344.032 REG 2010 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Implementing and working with the Youth Criminal Justice Act across Canada (eBook)
Social work in juvenile and criminal justice settings (eBook)
The colonial problem : an indigenous perspective on crime and injustice in Canada  305.897071 MON 2016 (Lac La Biche Campus)
Will the circle be unbroken? : aboriginal communities, restorative justice, and the challenges of conflict and change (eBook)
Human on the Inside : unlocking the truth about Canada's prisons (eBook)
Parole in Canada : gender and diversity in the federal system  364.620971 TUR 2016 (Lac La Biche Campus)

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