Practical Nurse: Nursing Foundations 2

Practical Nurse: Nursing Foundations 2

Nursing Concepts a Metaparadigm

All-in-one care planning resource: medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, & psychiatric nursing care plans 610.73 ALL 2008 (Cold Lake Campus)
Health assessment for nursing practice 616.075 WIL 2009 (Cold Lake campus)
Nursing care planning made incredibly easy 610.73 NUR 2013 (Lac La Biche campus)
Nursing diagnosis manual: planning, individualizing, and documenting client care  (eBook)

Communication and Documentation

Charting made incredibly easy! 610.73 CHA 2010 (Cold Lake & Lac La Biche campuses)
CLPNA: Nursing documentation (website)
Communication for nurses: talking with patients 610.730699 SHE 2014 (Cold Lake campus)
Communication skills for adult nurses (eBook)
Critical conversations in healthcare scripts & techniques for effective interprofessional & patient communication (eBook)
Improving your observation and documentation skills in nursing (eVideo)
Nursing know-how. Charting patient care. 610.73 NUR 2009 (Cold Lake campus)
Successful nurse communication: safe care, healthy workplace, & rewarding careers (eBook)
The art of communication in nursing and health care: An interdisciplinary approach (eBook)

The Adult and Older Adult Client

Alzheimer's disease: Is it delirium or dementia? For nursing homes-level I (eVideo)
Fast Facts for Dementia Care : What Nurses Need to Know in a Nutshell (eBook)
Introduction to aging : A positive, interdisciplinary approach (eBook)
Medical-surgical nursing in Canada : assessment and management of clinical problems 610.73 MED 2010 (Cold Lake campus)
Older people and mental health nursing: A handbook of care (eBook)
The psychology of ageing: An introduction (eBook)
Try this: Best practices in nursing care to older adults (eJournal)

Teaching and Learning

Engaging patients in healthcare (eBook)
Health literacy in nursing: Providing person-centered care (eBook)
Nursing education perspectives (eJournal)
Therapeutic nursing: Improving patient care through self-awareness and reflection (eBook)

Setting Priorities for Nursing Care

Essentials of nursing leadership and management (eBook)
Maslow's hierarchy of needs (eVideo)
Nursing leadership, management, and professional practice for the LPN/LVN: In nursing school and beyond 610.7306 AND 2009 (Cold Lake campus)

Culture of Safety

Adults & older adults - preventing injuries (online resource)
Chapter 3. Safe patient handling, positioning, and transfers in Clinical procedures for safer patient care (online eBook chapter)
No place like home: Management of the client's home (eVideo)

Chapter 7. Parental medication administration in Clinical procedures for safer patient care (online eBook chapter)
Chapter 9.1 Blood glucose monitoring in Clinical procedures for safer patient care (online eBook chapter)
Intradermal injection (encyclopedia entry)
Intramuscular injection (encyclopedia entry)
Intravenous medication administration (encyclopedia entry)
Medication preparation from a vial (encyclopedia entry)
Subcutaneous injection (encyclopedia entry)
Syringe and needle (encyclopedia entry)
Understanding and managing type 2 diabetes (eVideo)

Enteral tube placement (encyclopedia entry)
Enteral feedings (online video)
Nasogastric intubation and feeding (encyclopedia entry)
Nasogastric tubes skills demonstration (online video)
Tube feedings (encyclopedia entry)
Pediatric nursing procedures (chapters 35, 36, 38, 59) 618.9200231 BOW 2012 (Cold Lake & Lac La Biche campuses)

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