Artisan Entrepreneurship Diploma


The Artisan Entrepreneur Diploma is a two year program which focuses on developing the skills and knowledge to be a self-employed artist/artisan.  After obtaining the certificate in Aboriginal Art in year one, students can choose to continue into the diploma program in year two. Students will continue to learn and practice Aboriginal Art in more advanced forms.

The Artisan Entrepreneurship program takes the interest and love of Aboriginal art to the next level.  Not only do students get advanced training in Aboriginal art practices, they receive excellent teaching in entrepreneurial skills for self-employment, as well as how to work in the field of visual or Aboriginal arts. This program will shape and mature the aspiring artist into a successful and highly talented entrepreneur. 


Admission Requirements
Successful completion of a Certificate in Aboriginal Art at Portage College (Year 1), High School Diploma with English 30-1 or English Language Arts 30-2, High School Transcripts, Interview with Coordinator and Mature Status. 

Career Potential
Students who have successfully completed the Diploma program have the ability to become their own Self-Employed Freelance Artisan and explore their creative avenue. Students have the potential to work in careers related to visual, Aboriginal art and culture such as: museums, historical sites, Native Friendship Centres or other community or government agencies. 

Course List