These courses are designed to introduce participants to the art of baking. They will provide the basics of yeast breads and the interaction of the ingredients so participants can understand the leavening process. Artisan baking can be a rewarding challenge for the home chef. A few basic trade secrets can make you the champion of the kitchen.

Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on preparation, you will learn to work with many different types of flours and starches to prepare some amazing Gluten free baked products. You will cover the importance of preventing cross-contamination as this is a serious factor when preparing Gluten free products.  You will look at cookies, bread, cakes and savory items.  Come and enjoy making something different and bring some amazing flavours to it.

  • Artisan bread history
  • Introduction to sourdough starters
  • Regular sandwich breads (white/whole wheat)
  • Introduction to puff pastry
  • Cakes
  • Doughnuts (cake/raised)
  • Cookies (including healthy recipes)
  • Granola/health bars

Courses will be broken into units to help manage the amount of information that will be shared.

For more information on courses, times and schedules please contact the Continuing Education office at: 780-623-5631 or toll free at 1-888-745-0719.

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