Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance at Portage CollegeStudent Advisors are available to students who may require assistance for a variety of reasons. Advisors can help with the application process, provide budgeting or financial counselling, help determine or adjust an individual's training or career plan, work with students on sponsorship matters, deal with attendance and progress issues, academic concerns or a variety of other challenges which students may face throughout the year. An Advisor may also make referrals to other services if necessary in assisting a student. An Advisor can be contacted or an appointment booked through any of the Regional Centres located in St. Paul, Cold Lake, and the Corporate Centre in Lac La Biche.

Lac La Biche 780-623-5580

Cold Lake 780-639-0030

St. Paul 780-645-5223

Toll Free All Campuses 1-866-623-5551

Funding Agencies


Government of Alberta  Student Aid Alberta


Alberta Student Finance Board (SFB) and Alberta Employment, Immigration & Industry

Three programs are available:

1.      Part-time Assistance: Bursaries, loans and grants are available to individuals attending part-time studies. Eligibility for financial assistance is based upon financial need, circumstances requiring part-time training and approval or course(s) of study.

2.      Post-secondary Financial Assistance: Student loans may be available to Albertans enrolled in career training programs. Eligibility for financial assistance is based upon financial need and approval of course(s) of studies.

3.      Alberta Works Income Support Program: Grant and/or supplementary assistance while being in receipt of EI benefits may be available to students for full-time, part-time, apprenticeship, short-term skills training or Academics for Careers and Education. To be eligible for financial assistance, individuals must normally be unemployed, be in financial need, and be enrolled in an approved program of study. Please contact an Advisor for assistance with this process well in advance.

Applicants who are Income Support (formerly known as SFI) recipients with Alberta Employment & Immigration must receive a recommendation from an authorized counsellor to access the Alberta Works Grant Program. Contact a Portage College Student Advisor for further information and assistance if applying.

Employment Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities

This program provides financial assistance for those persons considered disabled. Contact a Career Counsellor at the nearest Alberta Career Development Centre, Canada Alberta Service Centre, or Alberta Employment & Immigration Office.

Métis Nation of Alberta

Individuals who are members of the Métis Nation and enrolled in Career programs may be eligible for funding. Contact the Project Development Officer or Training Officer at your nearest Zone Office.

Métis Settlement General Council

Registered members or children of members may be eligible for sponsorship from the Strategic Training Initiatives Funds (STI). Contact your Settlement Office for further information.

Band Education Authority

Individuals who are Treaty Status Indians may qualify for funding through their band education authority. There are funds available through:

1.      Post-secondary Training: (2 years or more) diploma or degree programs.

2.      University College Entrance Program: Grade 12 courses to 1st year university entrance level.

3.      First Nations Human Resources Development: funds are available for training in trades, one-year certification and short-term programs.

Contact your Band Education Counsellor to discuss your training and funding options.

If your Band is within the Treaty Six region and you are a Bill C-31/Status Indian whose Bands do not administer training funds please contact Free Horse Enterprises for post-secondary and University/College Entrance programs, or Treaty Six Human Resource Development for sponsorship.

Important: Students who are Treaty Status may qualify for Student Finance Board funding for tuition fees and books. To be eligible, students must be currently living on reserve to attend school, or have been in school since moving off reserve. However, these students must arrange for their living allowance to be funded through their Band as they may not qualify for living allowance through the Student Finance Board. Please contact your Band's Social Development Office to discuss this option.