The Students' Association

Student Association FundraiserThe Students' Association provides an opportunity for students to become involved in student government, and delivers a number of services and activities to the students throughout the year.

The Association has a General Council to deal with association-wide business, and to represent all campuses on non-local matters. The General Council is the Association's top level of authority, and is made up of Executive Council members from various campuses.

At the beginning of each academic year, students will elect Executive Council members (a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) for each campus. This Executive Council will guide the Student Council meetings, and decide how frequently to meet. At some of the larger campuses, each class or program also elects a class or room representative. These larger councils commonly meet bi-weekly to deal with local Students Association business.

The role of the Students' Association is to:

  • act as a representative body for all students.
  • administer Students' Association affairs and funds.
  • provide initiatives in the development of cultural, social and recreation programs of interest to students.
  • provide effective liaison with Portage College staff on behalf of students.
  • provide effective liaison with Alberta Advanced Education and other post-secondary institutions.

Currently, the Students' Association fees are utilized for various activities/projects which include educational tours, political seminars, quality of life issues such as big screen TVs, social events, and revenue generation - bank machines and fund raising as well as any ideas suggested by the student population that are in keeping with the Associations goals. The fees also help to provide benefits and services to students, including a Business Manager and two Regional Assistant Managers to help with the Associations operations. Remember, ALL Portage College students are members of the Students Association and the success of the Association depends on your involvement. So GET INVOLVED!

Students' Association Manager
Phone: 780-623-5502