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Training and Development Opportunities

Please refer to the Training and Development guidelines in the Portage College Policies, Guidelines & Procedures (E.4.1, E.4.2, E.4.3 and E.4.6)

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The Learning Plan is the primary document in the Training and Development approval process, and as such, applications for Training and Development cannot be processed without confirmation that the activity is part of the applicant's Learning Plan.

What is Training and Development?

It includes training activities that enhance and improve an individual’s skill related to their field or employment at the College. Activities include:

  • credit or non-credit courses
  • self-study
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • industry experience and upgrading related activities.

The Training and Development year is from July 1 – June 30.

Applying for Training and Development:

An application form must be filled out for ALL activities (internal or external). Forms are available from the Human Resources office.

Applications are filled out by the employee and forwarded to his/her supervisor. The application must then be approved by the Manager/Dean/Director/Regional Director or Vice President/President prior to the activity start date.

The approved form is forwarded to HR for tracking purposes. HR will distribute copies to Finance and the employee. The employee is responsible for the registration or cancellation of the activity.

How are Training and Development Opportunities Approved?

There are certain criteria that are followed when considering approval, including:

  • Activity supports the employees Learning Plan;
  • Activity is making efficient and effective use of college resources;
  • The activity is directly applicable to the employees current or future role at the College;
  • Quality of the training and development activity provider.

There are annual budgetary limits per individual. Limits vary between employee groups. If the request exceeds this limit, approval is required by the appropriate VP and Faculty Chair or AUPE representative.

Training and Development Expenses:

  • Employees are responsible for the payment of the tuition and expenses associated with an external activity.
  • Reimbursement for expenses will be made upon successful completion of the activity, through the submission of an expense claim, coded to the appropriate budget code: (Faculty – 2500; Staff – 2411; Excluded – 2412; Management – 2413)
  • Employees may request an accountable advance for payment of the activity. Pre-paid expenses are to be paid back to the College if the employee does not successfully complete the activity.
  • Individual College Visas are NOT to be used for payments. Should a circumstance arise that a College Visa must be used, the billing must be done through HR or Finance.

Eligible Expenses:

Eligible expenses differ between Employee Groups and Activity.

Non Credit Courses

  • Eligible expenses include tuition or registration fees, travel and subsistence.
  • Travel, Meals and Accommodation – will be paid according to the College Travel Expense Guideline.

For Credit Courses (University/College Courses)

  • Eligible costs are limited to tuition and distance education fees. Staff Association may choose to include books.
  • Ineligible costs include, meals, accommodation, mileage and books.

Return Service:

Where ongoing support has been offered for degrees and/or certificates, the College will require a Return Service Agreement which will vary according to Employee Group.

What is not considered Training and Development:

Fees and expenses that can be covered by worksite budget codes rather than training and development codes:

  • These requests will be reviewed on an individual basis by the appropriate Vice President.
  • Exceptions may include:
  • Training and Development that is directly related to Portage College specific technologies, equipment or processes.
  • An employee is making a presentation at a conference.

Things to remember about Training and Development:

  • An application form must be filled out for ALL activities (both internal and external).
  • The employee is responsible for payment and expenses of external activities. An accountable advance may be requested by the employee.
  • Tuition fees for internal Training and Development are processed through a budget transfer, upfront payment is not required. The fees are to be paid back to the college if the employee fails to successfully complete the activity.
  • If an employee cancels a training and development session, the Human Resources Department must be notified.
  • If in doubt, about training and development, refer to the Guidelines in the Portage College Policies, Guidelines & Procedures Manual.

For more information:

If you have any questions about Training and Development, please contact the Portage College Human Resources Department.

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