Employee: Frequently Asked Questions

Will employees who self-isolate get paid?
All employees are encouraged to contact Human Resources for more information as the answer to this question varies depending on your employment status (continuous, term, casual, contract, etc.). As a note, being directed by a doctor or AHS is a medical reason not to be at work and employees with appropriate benefit coverage can use sick leave. Again, call Human Resources who will work with you on all possible options, including EI if required.

Do I need a sick note to self-isolate?
The College does not require any sick note as it relates to COVID-19. Please notify Human Resources and your supervisor immediately.

A member of my household has been directed to self-isolate, do I need to stay home from work?
If you live in the same household as someone who had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or is a returning international traveler, please don’t come on campus and follow until their self-isolation period is over.

I am really worried about catching COVID-19 and transmitting it to my family. Can I take a leave?
There are options for using entitlements such as vacation days or leave without pay. We also have developed work from home plans. Please call Human Resources or talk to your supervisor about this.

I just returned from vacation outside of Canada, should I stay home?
Yea. All employees who are returning from travels outside of Canada are required to self-isolate for 14 days even if you feel well. Individuals who have symptoms should take additional precautions and call Alberta Health Link 811.

Do I need to cancel travel plans?
There is currently a global travel advisory in place. Avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada. Portage College has suspended all work-related travel outside of Alberta and has further limited travel with province to essential travel only.

Will my travel insurance cover me if I leave Canada?
You should call Alberta Blue Cross or whoever your travel benefits are covered under.

What if I have respiratory issues or compromised health such as a weakened immune system?
Please discuss your situation with your doctor and/or supervisor. If you are required to be absent from work due to medical reasons, eligible employees will be able to use sick leave. You can also discuss with your supervisor about options such as alternative workspaces or working from home.

Can I telecommute/work from home?
Many of our positions have that ability and we are actively working on these plans. Please discuss this option with your supervisor.

Daycares and K-12 schools are closed, and I need to look after my children or dependents. What should I do?
The College will be flexible in the coming days as you find alternate childcare arrangements. If you are unable to find alternate childcare arrangements, you may be able to work from home or use leaves. Please talk with your supervisor about this and Human Resources.

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