Goodfish Lake Campus

The Goodfish Lake Open Campus offers students, ages 15 - 20, the opportunity to attend school in their community and in a college setting whenever possible. Goodfish Lake Open Campus is a college and high school environment that provides students with opportunities and the support to develop and work through independent learning plans that build on essential skills, career, life-skills, and personal needs in a blended, holistic, experiential learning environment that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. Goodfish Lake Open Campus offers a wide variety of pathways to pre-requisite courses accredited by Alberta Education that enable students to complete their education in preparation for post-secondary or job placement.

Students participate in monthly steering committee meetings with the Whitefish (Goodfish) Band and Portage College team, parents, and community members. Parents and community members and mentors work with students to support their individual learning plans and hope-focused service-learning projects.

  • Students are supported to learn in personally meaningful and relevant ways
  • Holistic (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) learning environment
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Blended Learning opportunities
  • Focus on building essential skills
  • Social and recreational (team/club/sports) activities encouraged
  • Healthy choice nutrition snacks available in classroom
  • Peer mentoring opportunities
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