Opportunities for High School Students

Portage College would like to welcome you to our vast selection of college opportunities. Entire programs, single course enrollments, to college camps, we have a perfect product for your learning needs.

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Opportunities for High School Students - link to booklet

Dual Credit

Dual Credit provides opportunities for high school students to earn both high school and post-secondary credits at the same time.

To learn about Portage College’s Dual Credit opportunities, contact a Student Advisor today!

Dual credit can help students to:

  • start on their post-secondary education while still in high school
  • transition smoothly into post-secondary studies or start employment
  • may complete post-secondary with less financial debt

Student are responsible to purchase the necessary course text materials. To be eligible for enrollment, students must either have completed English 30 with a minimum of 60% or be currently enrolled in English 30 with a minimum 70% in English 20.

Dual Credit Courses


    Course ID: SOCI101


    Hours: 45

    Credits: 3

    This course is designed to introduce students to the discipline of Sociology and current sociological trends and issues. The course provides an overview of sociological concepts, perspectives, processes and institutions in a Canadian context with particular emphasis on various issues impacting Canadian society. Prerequisites: 60% in ELA 30-1


    Course ID: PSYC104


    Hours: 45

    Credits: 3

    This course is a general survey course providing the student with an understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of modern psychology as a behavioural science. Prerequisites: 60% in ELA 30-1


    Course ID: HEED105


    Hours: 45

    Credits: 3

    This course will introduce you to the physical, social, mental, occupational, emotional, environmental and spiritual dimensions of personal health and wellness. These dimensions are described within the context of the Canadian Health Care System and your own individual community. Topics include primary health care, nutrition, exercise, stress management, weight management, eating disorders, common health issues and their prevention. You will be expected to integrate knowledge of the seven dimensions of health and apply this knowledge to a self-analysis of your own health and physical fitness. Finally, you will incorporate change management theory to develop, implement and evaluate a personal wellness plan. The intent of this course is to promote a healthy lifestyle. By examining determinants of health, the current health care system, the seven dimensions of health and applying these concepts to your own lifestyle, you will be better equipped to function as role models and act as change agents for health promotion in your community. Prerequisites: 60% in ENG 30-1


    Course ID: ORGB193


    Hours: 64

    Credits: 3

    Organizational Behaviour is the study of what people think, feel and do in and around organizations. Organizational Behaviour is not just for managers; the concepts explored in this course are useful to anyone who works. This course builds student knowledge starting at an individual level, moving on to a team level, and finally finishing at the organizational level. Students will develop an understanding of how Organizational Behaviour concepts affect themselves and others, and how those impact the organization's bottom line. Prerequisites: English 30, English 30-1, English 30-2, or English 33


    Course ID: MARK166


    Hours: 64

    Credits: 3

    This is an introductory course covering the fundamental principles and concepts of marketing. Major emphasis is placed on the marketing mix and its strategic application to an increasingly complex business environment. In particular, the areas of product, promotion, price, and distribution are examined as they relate to the achievement of company objectives. Prerequisites: English 30, English 30-1, English 30-2, or English 33 or COMM 121

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