Artist in Residence finishes her term at Portage College

January 5, 2017

PhotoPortage College's second Artist in Residency featuring visual artist, Meghan Ostertag, has come to an end. We bid a fond farewell to Meghan as she ends her residency and moves on to other exciting adventures.

On Friday, December 16, Ostertag presented Portage College with a piece she produced using her unique art form, named Ocean Coral. "I created various artworks focusing on simple shapes found in recycled material. I wanted to see how they could be transformed and made relevant in modern artwork. I specifically enjoyed working with small boxes to create wax art". Said Ostertag.

Donna Feledichuck, Associate Dean and Program Coordinator, is pleased with the Artist in Residency Program. "As part of the residency program, each artist donates one piece of art to the College," says Feledichuk. "This will become part of the Colleges' permanent collection. The artwork is used as a teaching tool as well as to enrich the culture on campus."

During her residency, Meghan conducted numerous workshops with school age and adult students, held two art shows and was available to Portage College's Aboriginal Art students as well as general drop-in opportunities for the general public. Meghan said, "It was a great pleasure to be the Artist in Residence. I learned lots and felt blessed to have been given the opportunity to create art at Portage College."

Portage College looks forward to working with other inspiring artists in future Artist in Residence programs.

If you would like to learn more about the Artist in Residence Program click here.

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