Beading, Quilling, and Tufting

The Portage College Museum of Aboriginal Art and Artifacts (MOAPAA) proudly showcases traditional works from various Indigenous cultures across Canada. The exhibit tells the history of these original art forms from precontact to modern day and features exquisite pieces showcasing wonderful craftsmanship.

Quillwork itself is one of the oldest traditional art forms. Because of the deterioration of the raw materials it is difficult to determine the how old this art form really is but the oldest quilled artifacts dates back to 600AD. The oldest works in the MOAPAA collection are also quill designs. Porcupine quills have been used to decorate baskets, clothing and jewellery.

The art of hair tufting was almost lost a few decades ago. Caribou and moose hair tufting are displayed in our exhibition showcase hair sculpting, piping, embroidery and tufting techniques. Our decorative art display also includes fish scale art using whitefish and perch scales to make intricate designs and birch bark biting.

Mi'kmaq, Porcupine Quilled Basket   Caribou Hair Tufting   Beaded Baby Moccasins  

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