Currently on exhibit at the  Museum of Aboriginal Peoples' Art & Artifacts is a hide tanning display.

Hide tanning is a pre-historic art form that continues to be practiced by the First Nations peoples of Canada. Portage College is proud to offer this traditional Indigenous art form along side contemporary art making approaches as part of the Native Arts and Culture Program at the Lac La Biche Campus. Many hide tanning artworks can be found in the Portage College Museum of Aboriginal Peoples' Art & Artifacts collection which houses over 3700 pieces. The hide tanning exhbit is a sample of historical art pieces from the museum along with contemporary artworks from the students and staff at Portage College including: Elsie Quintal, Ruby Sweetman, Trudie Allen, Morgan D’Or, and Morgwn Martin. The hide tanning of Northern Alberta is particularly valued as punk spruce from local forests is used during the smoking process, giving the hides a pleasing smoky smell which reminds Indigenous people of their grandparents and the time honoured traditions in this area of our province.

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