Contemporary Art

Indigenous art continues to thrive thanks to the Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. Artists such as Carl Beam, Kent Monkman, George Littlechild and Jane Ash Poitras have followed in their footsteps and filled the world with their profound works. Contemporary Indigenous art is rich in tradition but at the same time relevant in today’s society and incorporates vibrant colors, spiritual connections and truths about our past. The Contemporary works are located in our main gallery and the Traditions Gallery. Featured artist include Joann Cardinal Schubert, Kent Monkman, Carl Beam, Ann Beam, David Garneau, Leo Arcand, Terry McCue, Stewart Steinhauer, Jane Ash Poitras, John Rombough, Christin Dennis and George Littlechild.

Here is a sample of some of the work on display.

  John Rombough, Leadership  

Ann Beam,Transformer

Carl Beam - Bury the Ruler

Christin Dennis, See


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