Portage Gives Back Draw


You will be contacted shortly and arrangements for pickup/drop off can be made.

  1. Alvina Boysis- Saddle Lake
  2. Giancarlo Bautista- Lac La Biche
  3. Mobi Ali- Heart Lake
  4. Chantrice Youngchief- Kehewin
  5. Chloe Jacob-Fischer- Cold Lake First Nations
  6. Alexandria Cordingley- Kikino
  7. Ava Goulet- St. Paul
  8. Levi Lagimodiere- Frog Lake
  9. Arianna Faithful- Goodfish/Whitefish
  10. Kayla Skoglund- Boyle
  11. Maranda Cardinal- Beaver Lake
  12. Terisa Berard- Buffalo Lake
  13. Leah Quinn- Elizabeth Metis Settlement
  14. Benson McKInney-Paulson- Cold Lake
  15. Carmine Brereton- Fishing Lake

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