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Moodle is a learning management software that offers an online environment for instructors and students to interact with one another, and with the learning content and resources. Students and instructors communicate using text based web-conferencing. Instruction, content and resources are available in a variety of web based formats, and students can complete, submit and track their assignments and access their grades. Moodle courses are typically scheduled as a paced course of study accessible to students through the Internet 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Moodle is also used to support face to face classroom courses.

Go to one of our Moodle sites and check out the "Getting Started with Moodle" course, where you will learn about the features of Moodle and what it is like to use Moodle, Elluminate, and Video Conferencing in your courses. All students registered in courses using these technologies will be provided a student orientation.

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