The Museum of Aboriginal Peoples' Art & Artifacts offers a unique opportunity to experience Aboriginal culture while learning the skills used to create a project of your very own.  

Year-round Museum Workshops

Simple Workshops - Cost $5.00 per participant, approximately 20 minutes per session

Simple Beaded Key Ring
Simple Beaded Key Ring
Medicine Wheels have been found throughout the world. What are they and what do they represent? You will learn about the Wheel and how it's important in symbolism to Indigenous peoples, while creating a key chain of simple beads. It represents the sun, the moon, the cycles of the seasons the cycle of life to death to rebirth, and the four directional colors.

Spirit Feather
Spirit Feather Bead Brooch
Feathers are important to the Indigenous People. In this workshop you will learn the legend and the significance of feathers to the Indigenous peoples.  How and why feathers were obtained will be explained. Basic feather tying skills, a must for any feather work, will be taught while creating a beautiful feather and bead brooch.

Birch Bark Card
Birch bark is used for many things, including containers, canoes and shelters. In this workshop you will create a unique handmade card using thin birch bark, glue, scissors and card stock. How and when birch bark is collected will be discusses while learning how to thin the bark to obtain different shades to create cards. This workshop will take approximately 30 minutes.   

Intermediate Workshops  - Cost $10.00 per participant, approximately 1 hour per session

Talking Stick
Talking Stick
For centuries tools have been used during council meetings to maintain order and fairness. While creating a Talking Stick from willow, feathers and thread the discussion will focus on the use of these tools and the proper protocol.

Mini Headdress
Mini Headdress
One of the most recognizable symbols that depict the Indigenous People is the headdress. But who wears them or how many feathers are used? These questions will be answered while creating a miniature headdress from beads, safety pins, feathers and leather.

Advanced Workshops - Cost $30.00 per participant, approximately 3 hours per session   

Mandela Dream Catcher
The Circle is a very important symbol to the World's people. The meaning of the circle, as well as the importance of design will be discussed while creating a beautiful Mandela made from leather, which is webbed into a circular frame and painted.

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