Portage College Celebrates Significant Donation to Power Engineering Lab at Lac La Biche Campus
May 13, 2024

Portage College is pleased to announce a generous donation to our Power Engineering Department from Flowserve Canada Corporation, enhancing hands-on learning experiences for students at the Lac La Biche campus. The contribution provides a modern globe-style control valve with a digital positioner for the college's Power Engineering Lab.

Flowserve, a leading manufacturer and service provider of comprehensive flow control systems, is committed to supporting educational initiatives that foster real-world expertise. "Flowserve Canada Corporation is very pleased to be able to support the Power Engineering program at Portage College," said Victoria Wishart, Canada Manager of Sales, Flowserve Canada Corp. "This donation not only invests in the success of our Alberta students and educational institutions but also ensures future technicians are familiar with Flowserve’s products, which they will encounter in the industry."

The donated control valve is critical for managing steam flow to the turbine, which powers the generator at 1800 RPM. This equipment is an essential component of the Power Engineering Lab, which operates as a fully functional power plant with a boiler, steam turbine, electric generator, and auxiliary equipment. "The control valve that Flowserve has graciously donated to us controls the steam flow to the turbine, which in turn operates the generator," explained Phillip Chapman, Power Engineering Instructor at Portage College. “This control valve will modernize our current turbine/generator operations.”

Valve and Positioner

Left: Complete valve assembly (valve and positioner)
Right: Digital positioner (model Logix 3800)

Students at Portage College start their classes in mid-August and by the end of November, they are proficient in operating the entire lab/power plant. This practical training is instrumental in preparing students for careers in engineering, automation, and process control. The addition of Flowserve’s control valve will significantly enhance the learning experience, aiding in the growth of future professionals in STEM fields.

“As a community college, industry partnerships play a vital role in ensuring our student success. We are very appreciative of this donation by Flowserve Canada Corp. It will help ensure our students are learning on the most current and modern equipment, making their transition to the workplace seamless.” Said Dr. Donna Feledichuk, Vice President of Academic and Research at Portage College.

Flowserve's contribution reflects a shared commitment to educational excellence and the importance of hands-on learning. Portage College is grateful for this partnership, which not only benefits current and future students but also supports the broader community by developing skilled professionals ready to contribute to various industries.

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