Spirit of Community Partnerships Endowment almost at its goal

July 25, 2019

An important Portage College endowment fund has almost reached its lofty goal - in less than three years. The Spirit of Community Partnerships Endowment, created in the 2015/16 academic year, has been growing with the support of money raised from events, donations, trust funds and gained interest, bringing the total to over $437,000 as of June 30 2019. This leaves the College only $63,000 away from the goal of $500,000 when dispersing of interest to students in the form of scholarships will begin.

Portage College events have contributed to a majority of the funds to the endowment. 2018, Portage's 50th anniversary year, was dedicated to celebrating the College's half-century voyage as well as boosting the newly-created endowment. During Portage's golden jubilee celebration year, more than 8,000 people attended 27 different events, helping to raise more than $123,000. The most recent event, the Student Scholarship Fundraising Dinner (formerly Sports and Education Dinner) held in Lac La Biche in April, raised more than $52,000 alone.

"We were very pleased with the net return of this year's scholarship dinner," said Community Relations Manager Rick Flumian. "It was $22,000 higher than last year and in these tough economic times that is amazing."

With these large 50th anniversary year event initiatives and some capitalized interest the endowment added more than $188,000.

"These events show how friends of Portage can come together and support the success of students," said Portage College President and CEO Nancy Broadbent. "Funds raised for the Spirit of Community Partnerships Endowment will directly support our students financially, immediately assisting them in their journey."

When the Spirit of Community Partnerships Endowment reaches the $500,000 goal, Portage students will be able to start receiving support for their education. Eligible candidates must demonstrate community-spirited volunteerism.

"Portage College is so grateful to the communities, donors and supporters who have been kind and generous with their time and monetary contributions towards the growth of the endowment," said Broadbent. "This endowment will benefit not only our students, but also the communities and organizations where our students live, work and volunteer."

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