Filling Plates Not Landfills
October 15, 2021

Community Learning in Lac La Biche has launched the Stone Soup Food Centre to increase access and supply of good food while decreasing food waste within the community through food recovery. The Centre’s program, which started as a pilot in December 2020 has been of great value to those in the community who are worrying about how they will afford to put food on the table.

The food that the Centre works with is called rescued food. The rescued food is donated if it is close to the expiry date, has been overstocked, has been mislabeled or if it has damaged packaging. So far, the Centre has rescued 5,838 pounds of food from the landfill. When the Centre receives the rescued food, it is divided into three categories: human consumption, animal feed and compost.

Food that is suitable for human consumption is available to be picked up by individuals or families five days per week – Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. If you or someone you know, would like to access free food, contact Community Learning below to find out more information or arrange for pick up.

The Stone Soup Centre has partnered with Portage College to provide space for their operations at the Lac La Biche campus as well as provided access to digester services through the Natural Resources Technology program. Food waste that would normally go to the landfill can be quickly converted into compost with the College’s digester. Watch a short video of how the digester works on the College YouTube video.

Over 250 individuals have received food from The Stone Soup Food Centre. “We are grateful to Portage College and the volunteers who have piloted this project to get it running,” said Colleen Pierce, Executive Director of Community Learning. “A&W, Britton’s Independent Grocers, and IGA have all donated food and are making a huge impact on the success of this project.”

Volunteers are urgently needed to complete a variety of tasks at different times. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Community Learning below or visit

Future projects for the Centre include opportunities for food literacy, nutrition education, ecology and the importance of the local food economy. “Rescued food will be used as a tool to nourish and connect people, as well as create opportunities for skill development.” Said Pierce.

For more information on donating food or volunteering, please contact Stone Soup Food Centre:

Colleen Pierce
Executive Director of Community Learning

We acknowledge that Portage College’s service region is on the traditional lands of First Nation Peoples, the owners of Treaty 6, 8 and 10, which are also homelands to the Métis people. We honour the history and culture of all people who first lived and gathered in these lands.
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