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Train with our experienced, professional instructors in a program that combines hands-on skills and technical knowledge. Let us help you transform your creative passion and ability into a fantastic career as a Barber. Our program is recognized by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), and upon successful completion, you'll be able to work in the industry.

The program consists of will consist of 16-week of lectures and salon time training. Key areas of this certificate program focus on haircutting, face shaving, texturizing, and design. You will also gain an understanding of the legalization, as well as learn the health and safety, and ethical aspects of the trade, and much more.

Interpersonal human relations is an important component in the program to ensure effective client relations in your future career. Everything you will need in only 16 weeks! After graduation, you will need to complete 1,450 hours of work experience under a journeyman as required by AIT. 

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Career Potential

As a recognized program by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), the barbering program will prepare you to write your theory and practical provincial exams upon successfully completion.

As a certified barber, you can work hours that meet your lifestyle, part-time or full-time, in a well-paid job. Whether you decide to continue working in an established salon or start a home based business, this is truly a flexible, high demand occupation. 



Admission Requirements

English 30-2
Math 30-3
Physics 20
Chemistry 20 or Science 20
Related Career and Technology (CTS) courses

English 10-2
Math 10-3
or a pass mark in all 5 Canadian General Educational (GED) tests

If you need to upgrade first, we offer courses that can assist you.

Transferability N/A

Program Start/End Dates 
August 23, 2021 to December 17, 2021 


Lac La Biche Campus

Domestic Student Fees
Application Fee $53.50

Fall Term
Fee payment deadline: August 16, 2021

Tuition $4,301.00
Student Association $116.70
Technology Fee $73.27
Recreation Fee $51.00
Total $4,541.97

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Part-time Fees
Tuition is calculated using “cost-per-credit” one credit is $116. Calculate the cost by multiplying the number of credits per course by $116.

International Student Fees
Application Fee $160.00

Fall Term
Fee payment deadline: August 16, 2021

Tuition $12903.00
Student Association $116.70
Technology Fee $73.27
Recreation Fee $51.00
Total $13,143.97

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Tuition Deposit (non-refundable for oversubscribed programs and international only)
Domestic Students - $100
International Students - $500

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Other purchases may be necessary in order for students to complete their courses/program.



    Course ID: HAIR120


    Hours: 50

    Credits: 3

    This is the beginning of your hairstyling journey. This course covers a wide range of topics to get you started. You will begin by learning safe work practices and procedures related to Occupational Health and Safety Standards, infection control and hygiene. You will also study anatomy and physiology of the human body.


    Course ID: HAIR121


    Hours: 45

    Credits: 3

    In this course, students will learn to appropriately perform shampoo and hair treatments in a salon setting. They will also learn about selected types of shampoos and conditioners, and their application in the treatment of hair and scalp conditions. Brushing and massaging techniques will also be developed. In this course students will learn about hair structure, chemistry and growth and the hair analysis process. They will also study mechanical, environmental, chemical and thermal damage of hair and be able to describe and treat hair and scalp disorders.


    Course ID: HAIR122


    Hours: 50

    Credits: 3

    In this course students will learn how to gather client information, keep accurate client records and use this data to ensure predictable results for all services. They will develop communication skills required in the hairstyling industry and learn to recommend and prescribe professional hair care products for client's home use. Salon operations, marketing products and services will also be covered. In this course, students will learn to appropriately drape clients for services use, care and maintenance of tools will be included.


    Course ID: HAIR123


    Hours: 250

    Credits: 17

    In this course you will learn to describe and perform the basic types of haircuts using multiple cutting and texturizing techniques. Trim and remove facial and nape hair. You will be able to perform appropriate hair styling techniques after haircuts.

  • SALON 1

    Course ID: HAIR124

    Name: SALON 1

    Hours: 178

    Credits: 4

    The entirety of this course takes place in our state of the art salon. This courses focuses on applied skills acquired throughout the program in a live salon setting. The course includes daily course evaluations, practical and written exam, and prepares the student for their Provincial exam, and Apprenticeship.


    Course ID: SAFE071


    Hours: 4

    Credits: 0

    Students will discuss hazardous materials used in the workplace and how to find the information needed to work safely with hazardous materials. Understanding the classification of hazard symbols are covered.

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